mother's day
Flickering of eyes and she was assured of the baby in her arms was truly hers. Everything suddenly blacked out and nothing else mattered to her any more. The umbilical cord was still attached and her husband who was in the room with her was convinced that it was the cord that made the connection so emotional. Alas, what do fathers know about the connection?
Among all the baby products that were gifted to her, she found a small black diary to track all the important events. What her husband missed out on, could be found in the diary including the first bite of the teething period to the first step. For a mother who knew all this, it was a pretty bad assumption by her son who thought his mom didn’t know about all the stolen money.
The standing more in front of the mirror, putting more gel on the hair and listening to “pehla nasha” was the catalyst in mom figuring out. Of course he thought his mom was ignoring everything and he could get away with it. The only reason he could get away with it wasn’t because mom was busy balancing work and home, but because she wanted him to get away with it. How else would he learn?
Although both the kids tried to be annoyed but mother’s sarcastic comments would be the icing on the cake. “Haan haan abhi papa ko phone karti hu” was just an empty threat because it was her who saved them from father’s anger. Only when board exams were near, did we see ma’s affection. Waking up late at night just to serve you chai or to wake you up if you slept was her way of showing love.
Your first heart break could have left you in pieces but your ma would still chide you into believing that it was for the better. Of course you didn’t know how broken she was to see you go through that pain. We always ignore our amma’s feelings because taking her for granted is the only thing we know how to do. She could have gone through a million terrible feelings but we never comforted her like she did.

This mother’s day, let’s get together and celebrate the greatest wireless connection in the world-motherhood. Let’s raise a toast every time we thought we had hidden things better than the last time, only to know that our mothers knew things that were still hovering deep in our subconscious mind. Because #momknows.

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