Moms Aren't Super

Moms are not super

I keep reading a lot about supermoms lately and it’s surprising that how come this term became so popular. I never saw any mom walking around with capes, or pulling up big trucks with her little finger, turning green and over-sized like Hulk, or crawling over the walls like a Spiderman. Does your mom possess any of these superpowers? No, right?

Every person is claiming that his/her mom is a supermom because she does this, she does that. Does waking up early morning, cooking food, working 20 hours a day, etc. etc. make a mom a supermom? No! Moms are not super, they are just another person who do their routine tasks sincerely, every day and throughout their lives.

With due respect to the one who invented this term, I completely condemn it. We are actually judging our mothers by adding a simple ‘super’ prefix to the word ‘mom’. Our moms start our day every day, help us to perform our routine jobs smoothly by taking care of endless things, guide us throughout our lives, love us selflessly, care for us like no-one can ever do, wipe away our tears and know how to make us happy when we are broken.

Mothers cannot be rated on the parameters of good, better or best. A mom is a mom and no word can ever define her.

Those of you who agree with me, start with the search of gifts for Mother’s Day before it’s too late. Because, we aren’t super either but still we know how to cheer up our moms, don’t we?

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