The Mood Changer


The blahs and boohoos are the daily morning occurrences, especially the Monday mornings. The Harvard researchers dig deep into the matter and it turns out that they have found a real remedy to make you simply love mornings.
According to a lead researcher, it was exhibited that people who were given a bunch of fresh flowers responded more positively and energetically than the others. The study emphasized on the fact flowers have an emotional impact on the people. It makes them feel at home and make them feel more compassionate.

They also quoted a phenomena called the ‘mood contagion’, according to which if you start the day on a happier mood, you are likely to transfer the same happier feelings to others throughout the day. Flowers are perfect symbols of sharing, hence they are placed in the kitchen, foyer and living room areas which are more open to visitors. Kitchens or your dining tables are the first place where your families gather in the morning which is why these should be the focal points of a flower decoration to have a happier mood and happier morning. Choose bright colors which can complement the walls of your kitchen or living room area. It is sure to give a cheerful start to your day.
Flowers have an instant effect on happiness. Several study shows that people show extraordinary smiles on receiving flowers. Red Gladiolas or a well-knit bunch of sunflowers can be the best bunch to perk you up even on a Monday morning. So celebrate your day with a freshen up your mood with bright blooms.

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