Mother who defied Darkness

blog-monicaMothers have always been an inspiration for their children. But today, this inspiration is not just limited to their families; it’s reaching out to hundreds and thousands of people including other mothers and has become a source of encouragement in adverse situations of life. Their insurmountable determination, rock solid dedication and their constant efforts and zeal to reach zenith is remarkable. These physically soft perceived human bodies have displayed extraordinary strength, courage and spirit that have made them a glaring example for everyone. Let us explore the amazing story of Monica Sharma, her share of challenges, achievements and a lot more which can be a guiding light for not just mothers, but for everyone.

Monica is like any other ordinary mother except the fact that she is visually challenged since birth. Her parents realized that she is unable to see when she was an infant of 2.5 months. It was a matter of deep trouble for her family and they tried the best possible treatment. Monica’s medical condition is known as Optic Atrophy, and people with such medical condition are bound to live in darkness. This is what destiny had decided for Monica, but with her self-confidence and immense support from her family she did not succumb to the darkness, rather made it her biggest strength.

Through integrated education launched by National Association for the blind in India, she studied in Faith Academy till the 9th standard and then Delhi Public School till the 12th standard. Her parents, teachers and her friends were the support system for Monica in her studies and recorded lessons for her. It was due to their consistent efforts and her passion for studies, which helped Monica to top in Psychology in the 12th board exams. Later on, she graduated from Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University in Political Science Honours. Post that, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in education from Central Institute of Education Delhi University.

She started working with National Association for the Blind as a resource teacher from 2002 to 2006. Monica, time and again proved her mettle in academic as well as in her professional life. She has been working with IBM India for 11 years and is designated as a Deputy Manager in the Training Department where she imparts voice and accent training along with soft skills training. Monica met her life partner Mr. Bharat Bhardwaj while working with NAB, who is also visually challenged and is currently working with Concentrix. They soon decided to tie the knot and are blessed with a 7 years old son Dhruv.

She got strength from her Motherhood

It may sound like a smooth sail till now but the biggest challenge for Monica began when she was pregnant. She was in a fear whether she would be able to deliver a perfectly abled child since her younger sister was also visually challenged. However, her fear was gradually replaced by joy and happiness of experiencing motherhood. “Motherhood is all about trust and joy of bringing a new human life to this world. This joy gradually transforms into a responsibility and the responsibility is shared amongst family, friends and day care or help at home. The motherhood continues in the form of happiness and is shared and celebrated as years pass by” says Monica. By the grace of God, Monica’s son Dhruv is a perfectly abled child.

She strongly believes that motherhood is a special feeling that brings more self-confidence and optimism to a woman. Motherhood not only makes a woman complete but also gives her unspoken courage and empowers her. Being a working mother, she also needed support of her in-laws, parents and the day care centre to raise her son Dhruv. Needless to say, her husband Bharat Bhardwaj has been equally supportive is this beautiful journey. Through all this support, she fulfilled all primary duties for her son. With these pillars of strength, is this not the story of most working mothers these days? Her journey of motherhood has been extraordinary and so is her experience of life.

She indeed is an inspiration for mothers around her. Hence, the story of Monica, a visually challenged mother is one of the many amazing stories around us. Monica has defied darkness and has emerged victorious in front of all her challenges. Nurturing and raising, evolving and leading, her story continues.