Mr. Arora & His Beautiful Daughter

Raksha Bandhan in India

One of my favorite neighbours, Mr. Arora, was married to a beautiful lady from last 4 years. All was going perfect between them until they both started feeling the vacuum that only a child could fill. They could not have a baby and that pain was overcoming their relationship. It was then, when they finally decided to adopt a child, a baby girl. Ria, their two months old child, gave a new meaning to their lives and filled them with happiness that they had never experienced before.

With her little fingers she used to hold their hands tightly, silently telling that she will never leave them alone. Her every little move, be it her first crawling, walking and running, was stored eternally in their minds. Many a times, I saw them going through those photographs, when she first dressed up in her school uniform, her first birthday party and her first school trip.

She became their inseparable part, without actually being a part of them. She gave them unconditional love and care, which no-one could ever give. In simple words, their daughter completed them. And, this is what that makes a daughter special.

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“A Daughter May Outgrow Your Lap, But She Never Outgrows Your Heart”

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