October Rush


The scorching heat is bidding adieu with every passing day and so is the moisture in the air. The cool breeze makes the dusk so much more pleasant as it touches the face and spoils hair and brings in energy in the body after the tiring day at work. The subtle golden sky soon turns dark as I walk up to the parking. Suddenly the mood changes and I recall its October or shall I put it as ‘The October’, my favourite month of the year. I love this month and I have more than one reason to back my feelings for the lovely thirty days which slowly takes me closer to the winters.

My deep love for the month gets a boost as I see dried leaved fallen on the path and they add a weird music to the moment as I step on them… You know what sound I am talking about! Right? Little dryness on the cheeks and the lips brings in the excitement for approaching winters and mere thought of what is yet to come, gives me enough pleasure!

Except for the pleasurable weather, there is another reason which makes this month so special for me… it’s the month which embrace birthdays of the best people in my world. The most cherished ones in my life, whose presence makes up for who I am transformed into, over the years. This month has given me the best of gifts which counts my best friend, my brother, my dad and a couple of people who have created an everlasting impression on my life.

Did you also just recall some special day in the lovely month? If yes, don’t let it pass without making it as memorable as you can!

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