Order Healthy Basket on Bihu through an Online Store

GIFTSFNP161_sNew Years is celebrated by everyone but our Assamese brothers and sisters celebrate their new year in the form of Bihu and this festival is highly recognised all over the country as if has many forms in some areas of Assam the localities dance with great zeal and in an unique manner .The dance with the bamboo stick is highly popular. As Baisakhi is for Punjab Bihu is for Assam so don’t you think you should gift your relatives living in Assam a healthy basket which has all sorts of proteins and nutrition’s in it. So what if you cannot make it to Assam to be in the celebration of Bihu with your relatives you can always send them your good wishes by sending them presents through the help of online stores.

These online stores have hampers present in all range and can easily be packed and delivered .You do not need to worry about the delivery and packaging and just place your order and do your payment through your card. Any remotest area of Assam and we will make sure we track it and get your healthy basket delivered.

The cost of these baskets is extremely affordable and the best part is that these baskets are being given by us as a complimentary gift on the occasion of Bihu. . If you are not satisfied with product or packing you can return the hamper and we will refund your cash. We have started our international deliveries as well so even if they live overseas we will definitely get your hamper delivered and make you a part of their Bihu celebration.

 If you want to design the decoration of the package you can and we will send your selected gift. Each hamper is different from other so come ahead and spread smile on those loved ones whom you have not met for so long but this Bihu is a great occasion to be in touch with them so even if you have forgotten to wish them quickly send a healthy basket hamper and surprise them. If you visit general gift shops it will get difficult for you to select and choose visit us and we definitely promise that you will get best quality without investing much of your time and money and all our products are guaranteed.

 Do not waste much time and quickly visit us as our special festive collection offer is valid only for a limited period of time.

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