Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Gemini Friend!

Whenever there is any special occasion related to our loved ones, we immediately get busy in exploring the perfect gift ideas for them based on their fondness and preference. However, we seldom give ample importance to finding a gift item based on the zodiac sign of our special ones. Since the behaviour, characteristics and traits of the individuals are governed by their ruling planet, sun sign and the presence of other celestial bodies in a particular constellation at the time of their birth.

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We are discussing some of the brilliant gift items for individuals with Gemini zodiac signs. However before that, read to know the traits of this sun sign:

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac family and individuals whose birthday falls between 21st May to 20th June, belong to this zodiac sign. Gemini is a wonderful blend of yin and yang, the Chinese astrology elements and is thus represented by the twins. They are expressive, quick-witted and it is hard to distinguish between the two different personalities that may be shown to you. The people under this sign are sociable, intellectual, communicative, thoughtful, fun loving, gentle, restless, flexible and a lot more inquisitive about different things. Other important information about a Gemini person are:

Sun sign symbol- The Twins

Date Range- May 21 – June 20

Ruling Planet- Mercury- The planet of communication

Element- Air

Lucky Number- 5, 7, 14, 23

Lucky Day– Wednesday

Lucky Colour- Light green, Yellow

Compatible Signs- Sagittarius, Aquarius

Perfect gift ideas for the individuals under this sun sign: You need to know about the gift items that can instantly click with a Gemini person. Here are the few exceptional gift ideas:

Electronic Gadgets- As is evident from the qualities, a Gemini person loves to communicate, so any gadget like a smart phone, tablet, e book or phone accessories (mobile case cover, screen guard, etc.) would be perfect gift items for them. Being fun-loving at heart, you can also gift them a video game console, movie CDs/DVDs or any other item that can strike a chord with them.

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Travelling Accessories- A Gemini heart is mostly wandering and planning for trips and vacations. They prefer a life on the roads, so consider gifting them something that can take their passion for travelling to an entirely new level. You can gift them a travelling bag, a DSLR Camera, power bank and other such accessories that can be a huge help for any travelling enthusiast.

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Diary or Planner- One of the most prominent habits of Gemini’s is to remain organised and synchronised. To help them in this crucial task, you can think about gifting them a diary or planner that can help them keep things organised at all times. Apart from this, you can also send a beautiful leather hand bag to help your Gemini friend or girlfriend manage everything in a seamless manner.

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A Piece of Elegant Jewellery- For a Gemini girl, gifting a jewellery item would be a perfect gift item for any occasion. You can send personalized jewellery items like necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and others that can effortlessly grab her attention and imagination.

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Gift Baskets- You can send fascinating gift baskets to a Gemini that can make them feel special and extraordinary. There is a variety of gift baskets available online such as snacks and chocolate gift hamper, fruits gift hamper, chocolates and green tea gift hamper, personal care gift hamper, spa gift hamper and a lot more for any gender and for any occasion.

Home Decor Items- A Gemini is a thoughtful person and values any gift that can boost his/her creativity. Since they are quite creative when it comes to decorating their home, you can order home decor items such as household plants, photo frames, cushions, wall hangings and other such gifts online.

Let your thoughtful gift item amuse your Gemini friend and let them know that they are truly important and special to you.