Top Rakhi Gift Ideas for 2017

Celebrate Sibling Bond in a Creative Manner

Raksha Bandhan is a special time that marks the brother sister bond in a grand way. It is the time for the whole family to come together and have fun and merry. The traditional exchange of gifts is something every brother and sister looks forward to with anticipation. If you are also looking for rakhi gift ideas for your sibling or cousin, have a look at some of the amazing gift options for this special day.

Mesmerize Your Siblings with These Wonderful Personalized Rakhi Gifts

Out of all types of gifts, a personalized gift is the most special one. The reason is simply the personal touch attached to it by means of a nice picture or a quote or a personal message. To intensify the relationship with your brothers and sisters, a personalized gift is always a great choice. It actually narrates how much love and respect is contained in your heart for the gift receivers. Just keep one fact in mind – the picture that you choose for the personalized gift must be a High Definition one.

Let’s check the list of trendiest personalized gifts that can be showered on your siblings to celebrate Raksha Bandhan on 7th August 2017:

Personalized Cushions: Cushion is a favorite thing among everyone because it makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. It can be placed on your sofa, mattress, low floor bed, and chairs to make your drawing room, living room, bed room, guest room, or library or study room contented. Depending on the color scheme of the walls and sofa or mattress or bed sheet, the color of a cushion can be finalized. Personalizing a cushion and getting that as a gift has become quite a fashion these days. Select a cute picture of your brother or sister or a group picture of your siblings and get that printed over a cushion to make your rakhi gift a memorable one.

Personalized Mugs: For coffee or tea lovers, this is the most unique kind of gift. Interestingly those who love to drink coffee and tea quite frequently all through the day also have a fetish for nice mugs. Large, broad, printed, cylindrical, terracotta, ceramic, glass, bone china, etc. are various types of mugs that you would get. In case your brother or sister is not such a caffeine addict, still you can go ahead with these mugs because they can be used as a home décor item also. Keep artificial plants in them, fresh flowers in them, or make some art pieces out of paper or wool to decorate the mug and add more value to your décor.

Photo Frames: Still Photographs are silent in nature but just a glance at them makes you rewind so many pages or chapters of your life! They always have a story attached with them. For example, whenever you look at that picture of the Himalaya at your wall which perhaps your dad clicked while you were in Nepal, you always remember the whole journey you and your family went through. Right from the local train to bus, the boring uncle in the next seat, the amazing food of Nepal, the vibrant market place, etc. A photo thus is always a treasure for making people remember their golden days of life. Gather some lovely photographs of your brother or sister and get a personalized photo frame for him/her on this Raksha Bandhan.

Table tops: Table tops may include things like coasters, table runners, vase, candle holders, etc. Personalizing these things are also going well with the trend. But in these objects try to include the favorite quotes of your brother or sister. You may come up with a line that truly defines the person you want to gift and that can be included in these table tops to make it a personalized one.

Bottle Lamps: Bottle Lamps really look gorgeous! To spice up your house party, you must have something like these which would be simple yet artistic. Now, get a lovely group picture of your siblings or an individual picture of your brother/sister to be attached to this lamp. Lamps are symbolic of light and light means hope and positivity. There cannot be a gift more endearing than this one.

Apart from these personalized gift options you can also look for traditional rakhi gift ideas and combine your gift, rakhi with these and make it more exciting. You can look for various combos of sweets, dry fruits, chocolates with rakhi and make your own hamper of gift items. This will surely impress your brother or sister in a grand way.