Regrets are Kicks in the Rear-My Dad and Me


If life was a comic book, my thought bubbles would fill the entire strip and I will keep on dreaming of a relationship with my dad which I never had. But life is no bed of roses and everything does not come with user friendly features. Much as I wish my dad was Homer Simpson he never said “doh!” but instead he was always like “do this and that”. I can do the frug, I can do the robocop but I never could get up early in the mornings. My opinion is that mornings are overrated and I can’t seem to find anything special about mornings. I am not a bird and what would I do with a worm that I don’t even want to catch? My dad had a different opinion though, like always, and his barrage would go on the usual lines of “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” and how the Japanese are such hardworking people, they don’t sleep much and look at their progress now.

Well I didn’t have any plans to be a ninja or a manufacturer of automobiles; I was satisfied with the old car in my family and so I said- to hell with the Japs! I never knew how this would hurt my dad; I thought it was only another act in our constant theatre of arguments. I needed my 7 hours of sleep and I always have a hard time drifting off. He just doesn’t care about my feelings and I don’t care for early mornings. But I was to realize only much later that my dad doesn’t really care for sunrises and he was apathetic to the land of the rising sun too. It was only when I went to college and stayed at the hostel that I noticed how little time I have spent with my dad. He never said so and only hinted at it. Dad worked so hard only to return dead tired in the evenings to provide us with bread and butter. And bread and butter time in the mornings together was the only way he could have spent time with me. Sundays were no help either, my football and dancing legs always took me far from home on weekends.

But like he apologized to me once on the phone saying how sorry he was for not being able to share time with his beloved son, I could understand his feelings of disappointment now and instead he took the blame on himself. Sorry Dad! I was just a dumb kid and if only I had been “early to bed and early to rise” I might have been at the least wise if not healthy and wealthy.

2 thoughts on “Regrets are Kicks in the Rear-My Dad and Me

  1. Well its a nicely written story.. I wish I had spent more time with my dad too.. I wish there was some way to express all this to my dad.
    Congratulations to the author of this post!

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