Save The Date: Perk Up Your Special Evening!

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Let us set fire to the stereotypes. Let us drown the phony norms in history, and for once, play by our rules. To set up the game, to formulate the rules, to anticipate the results – such actions are the signs of an endeavor well ventured. What’s a Date? A procession that takes place under the darkened skies, illuminated by the moonlight, with two people sitting in front of one another, a table adorned by a satin tablecloth in between them, the effervescence of champagne rising in their glasses with a minuscule amount of continental food decorating the white of their plates? I believe, if this is the idea of an ideal date, then this very ‘idea’ is dumber than a stump. No, I am not being critical, even I am fond of the glossy aura that boasts of purple-pinkish hues, enveloping me and my girl, while our love transpires with a subtlety that Victorian lords shall definitely approve of. But, we being humble beings, try to bend the rules- accordingly. So, when it comes to a Date, I believe that a gentleman should be capable enough to figure out and plan one, that boasts of being his brainchild – something too overwhelming for his girlfriend’s heart, something that’s light on the wallet too, something that is formulated well enough to mould out a happy memory, something that you can be actually proud of, for you have put tremendous effort in order to polish the act.

What are the ingredients of a perfect date? Well, an elegant designer candle (that you can purchase online), a table for two, the main course (that you can either prepare or order) and finally two items that bear significant importance for your girl, because we can safely assume that she’s a glutton for cakes and adores the congregated beauty of the flora, that is, flowers.

These very two items, that is, the cake and the bouquet of flowers shall hold an indefinite amount of charm for her, you know why? Because they shall be solely prepared by you – boasting of the devotion, love, and adoration that you harbor for her. And, this preparation of happiness, is a fun activity in itself, and trust me, you will fall in love with every aspect of it. Now, first start off with the cake!

The Three Minute Cake

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You must definitely be familiar with the phrase, ‘Two-minute noodles’, but hey, they surely take a bit longer than that to get cooked in their entirety. But, I take the privilege to present before you, at your service, a delectable delicacy, that stands true to its name – The Three Minute Cake. Yes, it is a delicious cake that gets prepared to the hilt in just a mere three minutes. One of my sister’s secret – a recipe that I stole, a recipe that thou shall implement to sweeten your love life. So, what all do we require to prepare this cake. Well, let’s see. You need flour, eggs, baking powder, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, vanilla essence, chocolate sauce and gems (you know, the Cadbury ones). Now, since we have all the ingredients sorted out, let’s head forth with the procedure. To begin with, take two tablespoons of flour, one egg (crack it carefully, don’t make a mess), one tablespoon of oil, one tablespoon of sugar (powdered, as I mentioned above), half a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a pinch of cocoa powder (pinch it, don’t hurt it), a dash of vanilla essence – and culminate them in the jar of a mixer. Next, place the jar on the mixer and electrify it to life. Mix your ingredients well enough, so that you cannot differentiate one ingredient from the other. Now, with your mixture ready, grease a thick dish (that’s suitable for a microwave), with a decent application of oil, and pour the mixture that you have just prepared, in it. Place the dish in a heated microwave for three minutes. Lo and behold, after three minutes, your cake shall be ready and will be nothing short of mouth-watering. Lastly, garnish your cake with a sprinkle of a handful of gems, and pour hefty amounts of chocolate sauce over it. Yum. Heavenly yum. That look on your girlfriend’s face, when she witnesses this delectable cake, that is prepared exclusively for her, by nobody other than you – oh, what a surprise, oh, what a delight!

A Bouquet – A Congregation of Significance

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Well, with your cake prepared, with your girlfriend getting ready at her place, with the main course on the verge of delivery to your place, with your mind blooming with the prospects of the Date that you are conjuring, what you shall accomplish next, is perhaps the best. Prepare a bouquet of fresh flowers for your darling, but make it somewhat special. Get yourself an assortment of fresh flowers, all different in appearance, all similar when it comes to imparting the essence of beauty – of the likes of – Roses, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils et al. Now, prune them, carefully, one at a time, one by one – don’t let thorns thrive, but keep a few leafs, for they seem to implement a certain a certain natural charm, a certain visual contrast, that seems appealing to one’s eyes and heart. Now, there is one particular, that you need to bear in your mind, when it comes to choosing roses for your bouquet – tend to choose different colors of them, say, for instance, red, yellow, pink, peach, white et al and accommodate them in your bouquet. Why? I will tell you why. When it comes to the nature of the color of roses, every color, every rose, tends to impart an unsaid message to the bearer. A red rose whispers love, a white one lays emphasis on purity, a pink speaks of gratitude, a peach one looks forth to conjuring memories, a yellow one implies devotion, while an orange one boasts of the intimate desires that you harbor. Once, you possess all that you need, accommodate all the flowers together, with care, if possible, one by one and witness them from God’s eye – for if they are aligned perfectly and tend to exhilarate a beautiful appearance, then your bouquet is just about ready to be tied together with the aid of a beautiful satin ribbon, either in a bow-tie knot or adorable frills. Significantly beautiful.

So, my dear friend, what happens next? Let’s not spoil the prospects of surprise that shall follow, let us endow you with that very privilege – to experience those moments, dwell in joy, conjure beautiful memories out of a beautiful evening, but bear our advice in your mind, take our input in consideration, and not only shall you save the date, you would rather own it.