Why Did He Say ‘I Love You’ To Himself?

Those Moments

So you’ve finally found a girl you want to spend your rest of the life with. That’s great! But, have you decided how you’re going to propose her? Will it be with a nice bouquet of flowers, rose and chocolates. Well, let me tell you that’s one of the most fun yet trickiest times. Sometimes, guys think that they know the answer but the result comes out to be something else. Be sure that she feels the same way you do or better be prepared with a heartbreak management plan before saying those three words.

The time when you’re waiting to confess your love is very impatient but it definitely has its own charm. Your proposal need not be out of the box or something describing a fairy tale. Rather, it should be the one that your lover remembers for the lifetime, reflecting you, your personality and your love and not some other’s.

I remember the moment when my younger brother was practicing to propose her crush while standing in front of the mirror for hours. He practiced it with everything, from an imaginary rose to our mom’s ring and then suddenly realized how stupid he is and we both started laughing out loudly.

I could not believe that he can be that mad about her that he actually had to practice it. That moment was hilarious but we realized that he was head over heels in love with her and that’s why he wanted it to be perfect.

At that time, it’s all about making it right and in this quest, we often get such moments that remain with us forever. And, such moments can be celebrated as well. Oh no-no! I am not over rating it. I believe that these moments matter as much as your birthday or anniversary does.

I hope some of you will agree with me. And, those of you who do, don’t wait and immediately log on to Ferns N Petals to order a gift item. This gift will be a toast to those moments which made you laugh. This time, don’t find a person or an occasion to gift. Gift a gift to yourself and say cheers to that moment!

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