Send Flowers, Stay Positive!

Women love flowers. Receiving a bouquet or a single flower gives them a feeling of being loved and valued, but not every men consider sending flowers to be a good idea. Flowers die, they are expensive, they are over the top and cliché in their opinion. A message to all the men out there reading this…


Flowers bring happiness
The act of giving flowers elicits a real smile more often than other gifts of similar cost, according to research from Jeannette Haviliand-Jones, psychologist at Rutgers University. Men are conditioned to react very positively to a real smile.

People think you are smarter if you’re a guy who gives flowers
That’s right! Send the flowers to your significant others’ workplace. Science says that people will perceive you as having higher emotional intelligence than your peers. Next step: Start milking your significant other’s network of contacts since they are already impressed with you.

Your will be a better manager
Men give flowers at work, too. Not every bouquet means I love you. Some bouquets mean, “Get the project done on time or we’re doomed!” Give flowers during crunch time because flowers and plants at the workplace increase productivity.


Nancy Etcoff, an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard concurs that flower make people happier. She found that if you see a vase of flowers in the morning, you have more spunk all day and less stress and anxiety at work. So don’t just send flowers to your girlfriend and your co-workers. Send flowers to yourself too!

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