Why sending a gift online can sometimes be a bad idea?

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Gifts have become an inseparable part of our every day celebration be it a festive occasion, birthday party, wedding anniversaries, get together, or any other such events. It has become more of a regular practice than a courtesy to gift our near and dear ones on any special moment. We all think that the celebration of any big day is incomplete without the exciting gifts from our guests, friends and family members. What if I say that you should actually stop offering gifts at the anniversary celebrations or any other such incidents?

I know you must be a bit confused or thinking that I might be nuts while even thinking about the above topic. However, believe me, I am actually in best of my mental health while writing this post. If you still have doubts over my wisdom, check out the reasons that best explains why you should actually avoid sending anniversary gifts to your special ones.

Sometimes shipping services may not be satisfactory- A gift is of good use only if it can be delivered on the right time to the recipient irrespective of his/her location. Imagine you are sending a gift to your friend located at a far-off place through a shipping carrier. What if your shipping service provider can’t deliver your gift to the recipient till the final day of celebration? Yes, don’t be surprised at all, it could actually happen with you. In situations like this, it would just be a sheer wastage of your money, time and efforts which you have employed while selecting that “special gift”.

Furthermore, if you are sending a wedding anniversary cake for the “special couples”, it would just bring a major embarrassment for you if it is delivered after the conclusion of the special day. So, cross check the service track record of your shipping company while sending out your anniversary gifts or don’t send it at all if you are keeping your fingers crossed.     

Your gift may be too common, outrageous or not any worth for your receiver- Don’t just gift anything for the sake of gifting but spend a considerable amount of time in discussing the utility of your endowment for the recipient. Do you want your gift to be kept at a forgotten place or location? If not, then don’t rush into buying anything for your friends, colleagues or wedding anniversary couples.

Consider the sensibilities of your assignee while presenting him/her any gift which could be a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of great wine/champagne, wedding anniversary cake, occasion specific dresses or any other such offerings. Remember that you don’t want to spoil the mood of the recipient with your “too outrageous” or “bold” gift. Similarly, don’t just gift anything which is too common or may not be useful at all for your beneficiary.   

When you are not completely sure about the receiver’s location- It would be a bad idea to send anniversary gifts if you are not too sure about the location of the receiver. This is because there are shipping services who will not bother to clarify the exact address of the receiver with the person available at that time to receive the gift. It has happened with numerous sender’s who have often complained about the delivery of their gift items at the wrong address or location with the shipping companies. So, be sure before finally sending the gift items for an anniversary or any other such events.

It is time to understand that sending gifts will not be a wise idea at all if you are encountering any of the above problems. So, try to find answers for the above issues before finally dispatching the anniversary gifts or any other occasion specific presents. Hopefully, you understood why sending a gift may not be a great idea always.