September Birth Flower: Aster



The month of September, when observed from the Indian perspective, marks the subsidy of the oppression of the blistering heat of the August sun, thereby inducing the environment with a whiff of the cool breeze, that you might tend to encounter every
now and then, if not very often. Owing to the funny manners, in which the God’s clock functions, one might not be able to miss the phenomenon of the sunrise arriving late and the sun setting down in a hurry, ceasing to cast its presence, all across the horizon. And though you would miss the evening colors, you shall realize that the season of winter, is treading slowly towards you, climbing steadily, date by date, week by week, on your calendar. Beautiful, pleasant and utterly sensual, apart from harboring the mentioned traits the month of September is flamboyantly truthful, always giving insights to the arrival of the cold, always hinting on how nature shall succumb to sing the autumn’s lore. In all manners, September is the personification of the people who are born in that very month and since we consider people to be beautiful within, harboring colorful emotions that add to their fragrant lives, we shall weigh them with respect to flowers, for philosophy is the art of interpretation and people born in a particular month are supposed to have a ‘Birth Flower’.

The birth flower of the people born in the month of September is ‘Aster’.

Let us become familiar with the floral beauty that goes by the name ‘Aster’. All floral entities are the children of Mother Nature and dear old Aster is the child of Daisy. Now, you must be familiar with Daisies, those good old dainty beauties, the presence of which in your life, spread the essence of love, beauty, purity, innocence et al, but always bear a fact in your mind, that daisies are ‘feminine’ in nature, hence ‘Motherhood’ and ‘Fertility’ are often believed to be closely related to the flower in question. A closer observation shall lead you to the fact, that the two zodiac signs that the month of September envelopes within its thirty-day run, that is, Virgo and Libra, both are a reflect on the identity of a woman. Hence, September can be termed as a month, the sole devotion of which abides by the soul of femininity.

Steering our conversation back to Aster, the funny part is, in my life, there have had been three people who were born in the month of September. Hence, with Aster being their birth flower, I vaguely found quite a few similarities between their persona and what the flower of Aster, expected them to be.

1. Who is the wisest of them all?


People, who bear the likes of Aster as their birth flowers are considered to be wise. Now it is not fair enough to catch hold of a small child born in the month of September and question him on how wisened he is, but it is a thorough belief that September borns tend to accumulate a fair amount of knowledge throughout their lifetime and tend to be the wisest of all. They have a thorough grasp on a variety of topics and when it comes to life, they have it measured upside down and every step they take forth is calculated. Smart enough. A purple Aster for you all.

2. The touch Of Innocence


If you believe that being both innocent and wise is an ordeal or an impossibility, you might have had got off from the wrong side of the bed, for innocence is the quality, that the wise always possess. September born are synonymous with the essence that a white Aster flower harbors – of purity and innocence. Hence, you would discover, that in some form or the other, innocence does linger within the hearts of the September born.

3. It’s all about who is devout


If you are planning to spend your entire life with a person who is born in the month of September, then you are you are in for an impeccable relationship, for according to the wisdom imparted by the pink Aster flowers, you partner is supposed to be a devout being, who would stay by your side and love you forever and ever and ever.

All of those born in the month of September are nothing short of being a star, for according to the myths when Greek Goddess Astraea noticed that the dark of the night was blessed with only a meager number of stars, she started to weep at their plight, and as the tears rolled down her cheeks, falling on the barren ground – Asters were born out of them, a replication of the evening stars, on the earth itself. Hence, if you have dear ones born in the month of September, bear this in your mind, that when it comes to their Birthdays, an offering of Asters and Daisies is definitely a must.

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