Stay Strong With a Floral Cup of Tea

teaAfter the world has harnessed the gorgeous flowers for decorating home, gifting loved ones, and enhancing the beauty quotient of the human body, here comes another revolutionary item from the floral world. A great infusion of green or black tea leaves with dried flowers is done that has a variety of benefits. The origin of these aromatic teas is China and from there the whole world is now grasping the energy out of this wonderful tea. One of the most striking facts about these teas is the aroma that soothes the mind and body.

With a floral sip, reap these benefits:

Storehouse of Antioxidants: All kind of tea have rich antioxidants which are useful in removing harmful toxins from the body. In floral tea, you get some more called flavonoids and cathecins. When you get a good storehouse of antioxidants in a cup of tea, your body and mind would be bubbling with a happy energy that would melt away all the stress of mind and physical illness.

Skin Nourishment: You would grab polyphenols by consuming blooming tea and this would invest in making your skin more beautiful. What you eat or drink contributes the most to your skin rather than the application of a face pack. The properties of this tea make your skin stronger in fighting with the harmful UV rays. So, if you want a younger looking radiant skin, start consuming these kinds of teas.

Keeps the Heart well: This tea has wonderful properties to reduce cholesterol and thus keeps your heart well. So, your chances of a heart attack would be reduced. If you know someone who suffers from heart disease, get a packet of floral tea bags as a gift for any occasion.

Useful Anti-inflammatory Ingredients: The anti-inflammatory quality of this tea is known to prevent or treat even arthritis. Drink lots of floral or blooming tea to make sure you don’t suffer from joint pains anymore.

No Stress at all: We all are stressed every time! With piles of office works, and heaps of domestic challenges, most of the time we are constricted in a stressed and anxious zone. These amazing blooming teas are ingested with a great soothing taste and also carries amino acids and theanine. These are the things that have calming effects in mind and thus stress and its brother’s anxiety, depression, tension is replaced by relaxation and happiness.

A Sip of these floral teas  can do wonders

Chrysanthemum Tea: Not only in flower bouquets, but a chrysanthemum is widely popular these days in tea bags. It is helpful in nerve relaxation, boosting the immune system, stops the skin from ageing, prevents Osteoporosis, and improves vision. Because it has a large variety of antioxidants, Vitamins, organic compounds, minerals, and amino acids. There is so much that a simple and good looking flower can do to you – right? 

Globe Amaranth Tea: The cute and sweet looking flowers when infused in tea helps in preventing age and is great for your skin. It is another source of antioxidants and also helps in treating your cough, vision, and liver dysfunction. To live well, you have to work a bit towards finding this flower and grow in your home so that you can make this tea instantly. If it is difficult, just place an online order from any website and get your right cup of tea.

Rose Tea: This is the most famous flower of the world. The mesmerising fragrance of this flower is ingested in floral tea and this is a great source of Vitamin C which boosts our tissue growth, gives wonderful skin, and strengthens the immune system. Sip it while you are at work and it would keep you calm. All sorts of pain and fatigue are removed with this wonder tea. So, not only in imparting beauty to your home and putting a bright smile on your loved one’s faces, this flower has way lot to offer you.

Jasmine Tea: Jasmine has such a strong and sweet aroma and this drives away all the stress and depression from you. With jasmine tea, you can gain even more. It would help you to synchronise the stomach, sustain the liver, normalise the flow of vital energy, and improve visual acuteness. Bringing this flowering plant home means, you always remain happy. Why? Because a good smell works on every level of your body and mind. A pungent smell makes you sad while a soothing smell makes you happier. 

Lavender Tea: The wonder lavender flowers are used in aromatherapy also. You must have heard of lavender essential oil that can be used in bathing to relieve and relax. Now, the dried lavender petals are used to prepare a lavender tea. All your respiratory issues – coughs, sore throats, asthma, or bronchitis can be treated with this tea. It is also believed to rectify ulcers. And what else? It keeps you cool in sultry summers! Welcome summers with this tea in hand.

Bring in more flowers to your home for enhancing the beauty of the home but don’t forget to incorporate these floral tea’s and have a better mind and body.