Say 'Thank You Dad' in the Most Creative Manner


Express Your Gratitude & Make Your Dad Happy

Life is a one big roller coaster ride and our parents are here to help us ride smoothly. They are the backbones of every family and support it in all possible ways. We often take our parents for granted and seldom appreciate what they do for the family. And this happens more with the dads as they are less vocal about their thoughts and feelings. Since our father’s are mostly preoccupied with their work commitments, we don’t get to spend much time with them. And in the process of growing up we forget that they are ageing too. Though you don’t need any special day or moment to tell your dad how much you love him, this upcoming father’s day make sure to say thank you dad for all that he does for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative ways of appreciating your dad and saying thank you to him like you mean it:

Personalized Gifts– Add the personal touch to your gifts and make your dad know how much he means to you. A small gesture or thought behind the gift would make your dad super happy and you can see the joy in his eyes. Order a customized coffee mug along with a key chain for him and make sure to get his favorite picture on the mug. Another great personalized gift would be a cushion that he can carry with himself whenever he is traveling. Similarly a personalized greeting card with his photos and a heartfelt message would just surprise him

Cook his Favorite Meal– Since you do not get to spend much time with him, make the most of it whenever he is around. This father’s day do something special for him so that he understands that you love him. You might need your mom’s help on this one. Start by getting to know all his favorite meals and with your own experiments, make them for him. Food is something that brings the families closer and this gesture of yours would make your dad happy for sure. You can also sweetness to your relationship and bake a cake of his favorite flavor for him. There are lot of YouTube video tutorials on how to bake a cake and they can come in handy.

Make a Graffiti for his Room– Art is probably the best way to express your creativity. And what better and a personalized form of expression than a self made graffiti on the handmade paper sheet. For this you need paint colors, brush, mixing tray and a white handmade ivory sheet of paper. Spread the sheet and just start painting your thoughts, feelings, words, poems etc on it. Make it dad specific and put his pictures and sweet memories. Once you are done, make sure to frame it and hang in his bedroom. He would not be expecting that!

Photo Collage– Memories are a treasure bag. We keep going back to them whenever we miss the old days, the long gone moments, the cherished ones. For all that your dad has done for you, say thank you to him by collecting all these precious moments of his life and make a large photo collage for him. Add some personal messages for him and thank you notes. It will surely be an amazing gift idea for your dad.

There are a lot many ways to express gratitude towards your father. Gifts are one way to tell him how special he is. Other than gifts you can show your love and care everyday to him by being thoughtful. He might not express much but he surely notices the little things you do and efforts you put to make him smile. Even if it is a small gesture like washing his car on a Sunday, or talking to him about his old days, taking him out for coffee etc, it is all worth it once you see the happiness in his eyes!