They were different…

She was a fitness freak, a dancer and an explorer. He was an IT professional. An introvert and a knowledge bank. She was a writer by profession and a traveller by hobby, all she ever wanted was to never settle. She was a free bird and he was a deep rooted man. They were too different and their thoughts about the world and life lied poles apart.

As I mentioned earlier, she loved dancing so she was a part of a dancing school in the suburbs of the city. She visited the place twice a week. He never had interest in anything except for programming and neither did he find time for any extracurricular activity. It was his best friend who forced him to join the same dancing school with him. The first day they went to the lessons, she was already dancing in the rehearsal hall alone. Her class was over long before but she chose to dance for a little longer as she was stressed over a campaign at work. She stopped when she realized it wasn’t just her in the hall. ‘Hey’ his friend said and she replied with a dull voice, gave a fake smile, collected her bag from the other corner of the hall and left.

‘God! She was good!’ he said to himself. He wanted to talk to her but his reserve nature didn’t let him do so. He used to see her dance and laugh out loud with the trainer. Slowly and swiftly he was falling for her. He changed his timings and adjusted his office timings accordingly. He joined the same batch as hers and made efforts to be friends with her. He dropped her a number of times home and gradually they developed a good friendship. They shared a number of coffee dates too. But things were casual at both ends. Sharing thoughts, experiences, discussing problems and laughing the stress out was usual.

They knew where things were heading but they were wise enough to understand the huge difference between their personalities. But as they say… opposite attracts! They forgot to mention that opposites do attract but might not stick together for long! And that’s exactly what both of them were all set to experience in the near future. One day, they got carried away with the emotions and decided to take this casual friendship ahead…

To be contd.


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