Tips to Make your New Year's Eve Party a hit


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2016 seems to be fading away… isn’t it? Literally! Let us plan for a launch of 2017 in style. What about having a creative take on partying this New Year’ Eve? Well, to me, it is my favorite ‘holiday’, mostly because I get an excuse to throw a party at my home….hurrah!

However, it is the month’s end, so you need to keep an eye on your bank account too! If your budget does not support a ravishing partying on the New Year’s Eve, I can help you! Yes, still you can satisfy your guests with an illusion of a big-budget glamorous party. You just need some smart planning, that is all!

Check out these tips to make your party an unforgettable event:

Decide a dress code

You can decide a fun theme for your party, as if everybody may come in their night suits, gym clothes or in a jogger’s wear. It should be simple and you feel no need to buy a new dress from the store! In this way, fun at the party can be achieved in a unique and inexpensive way.

Distribute the silly party stuff

Remember the childhood days… the noisemakers, differently shaped colorful hats, masks, boas in the birthday party… we used to get these as new years gifts from our elders, you can relive those moments by giving these to our guests to add more fun to the party. Distribute the silly stuff among the guests and let the child in you come out!

Play some party games

Irrespective of their ages, everyone love to play games, and if it is any kind of party games then the fun just gets double! Just organize a game for your guests to take part in similar to Clue. Casino card games, carom, or any board games can also work. These will make them busy for a few hours.

Enjoy fireworks with your family and Friends

If there is somewhere nearby your place, where you can go to watch fireworks of the New Year’s Eve, then gather your guests at that place. The place will be crowded enough so you can find some shops there to buy New Year special foods. Buy them and share with your guests while enjoying the fireworks in the sky!

Enjoy your party! Happy New Year 2017!