Top 9 Things Women Miss About Being Single!

Life is spent in stages and each stage holds great meaning and comes with its own teachings, life lessons and experiences. Relationships are complex phenomena occurring between two or more people who plan on spending their time together. Every ‘relationship status’ comes with its own perks and problems. When we are single, we spend a great deal of time and effort in looking for Mr. right and once we find him, we just want to break free. Have you ever wondered why does this dilemma occur? Well, the grass is always greener on the other side! If you are in a relationship: casual, serious, fling, can’t describe or it’s complicated, here are top 9 things that you probably miss from your single days- In no particular order!

1. Lazing Around on Week Offs – Remember the time when you used to laze around the house in any ‘attire’ that you wanted? But now, it is about doing the stuff together on week offs and cater to social commitments. Doing the couple things is what every relationship demands, but you certainly miss out your lazing days!

2. Going Out With ‘the girls gang’- We have all had our girls sticking around for the longest time now. The single life everyday plans with them now get limited to once-a-month-type plans. Girlfriends are like oxygen that we breathe and they are the ones who keep us sane. Only if our guys could understand this!

3. Being Messy and Staying Messy – Who doesn’t like creating the mess around the house? Especially if you have had a long day at work, all you want to do is just come back home, throw your clothes on the floor and change into something comfortable and just enjoy being sloppy. Eating a pizza and sleeping on it is one of the most relaxing things but in your perfect relationship, you need to clean the table immediately. Gosh, only if he was equally messy!

4. Phone Troubles – Don’t you just hate it when he picks up your phone and starts ‘searching on google’? Earlier your phone was just yours but now it is like a common property. You have to have a common password with both birth dates being used and lots more. This is even worse if you have a better and high end phone than him. God bless you then!

5. Making Your Own Decisions – This is one of the most important things that girls miss when they are in a relationship. The unasked counselling and suggestions are irritating and only make you want to be single again. You need to tell him every time that it is your life and that you can decide. But all in vain! May be better luck next time!

6. Not Having to Compromise – In your single days, you never had the need to compromise on your outings, weekends and decisions. But now you have to think before planning and checking with him if he has made any plans. A simple date night planned by you might have to be compromised if he has made plan with the guys for a football match. Your only solace is the junk food and drinks that you get to eat with the guys!

7. You Miss the Freedom – Relationship comes with a lot of rules and expectations. You are not supposed to, you cannot, you might not want to; are few common conversation starters. You certainly did not get into the relationship to be grounded!

8. Dressing and Decking up – This is ideally not the case with all relationships but there are guys out there who don’t want their women looking too sexy, especially if they are not going to be there. If you have such a ‘caring boyfriend’ , dress appropriately and then change at a friend’s house! Simple! But yet it is frustrating not being able to decide your own clothes.

9. Financial Decisions – Gone are the days when you could take all the financial decisions catering to your hard earned money yourself. With future ‘couple goals’ in sight, you might have to compromise on few thousand moolahs!

Relationship need not feel like a life term sentence! However if it is, probably it’s about time you put your foot down and took the matters in your hands. Finding alternatives to your problems while keeping up your relationship is the most technical way to handle things in the 21st century!