Celebrate the Essence of Fatherhood: The Over-Protective Dad

Son- Dad, can I go for a trip with my friends this summer vacation?

Dad – Are you mad? Crazy? What if some goons snatch away your stuff? What if some wild animal comes in your way? And what if you fall terribly sick in a changing weather?

God forbid, if the child is dating someone, this over-protective dad cannot rest at all then. They may even go to the date along with their ‘adult children’. But these dads do all these things because their children are extremely dear to them. Their only motive in life is to make sure their children are safe wherever they are. When children go away from home due to profession or marriage, they keep a track of their shining stars with 6-7 calls per day!

Traits of an Over-Protective Dad

There are some more traits of an over-protective dad:

Dad: “I Am Here To Solve Your Problems”

They can never think that their children have grown up – as simple as that! These dads would solve all the problems of their children – be it bullying at school or any fight with a friend. They love to have an upper hand in the life of their children. For the minor problems, they would call up the school principal, subject teacher, or the parents of other kids at school. They may call the office boss or manager if their child is too tensed related to work. In fact, they cannot believe that the son/daughter can have an opinion or choice or a life of their own. In their head, their kid is still that 6 months old sitting in their lap.

Dad: “He/She Is Not a Good Influence, Stay Away!”

Another fun and interesting trait of the over-protective dads is that they would try to crawl in the zone of friendship. One cannot have an idea when and where a great friendship can be formed. But if these dads don’t approve of that great friend, they will simply order their child to get rid of that person. If the child is reluctant to destroy that friendship, these dads may take other routes. Actually, these dads think that their kids are made of clay and everyone would scratch on them.

Dad: “You Must Be Home By 8 P.M.”

The time limit set by these dads are like Laxman-Rekha. If the kids are not following the time limit, they are in danger zone for sure. Depending on the age of the child, this time limit is set and the obedient children are simply not allowed to deny that. So, how do the kids manage a permission for the prom night, disco night, or office party? They have to either lie about something very serious (“someone met with an accident” types) or have to accept the reality sternly that they cannot be like their peers. Or in some instances, they return home as per the rule and then jump off the balcony or terrace or window and return before morning! Which one do you follow?

Dad: “Why Your Phone is Constantly Ringing That Too After Midnight?”

How can an over-protective dad see you chatting on your phone after midnight who has led down the rule of returning home by 8? That’s simply impossible. The children of over-protective dads face terrific situations when they start dating. They cannot suppress their phones and their dads cannot stop peeping. LOL! Even when best friends are calling after midnight, it becomes an issue to be discussed at the morning breakfast table!

Dad: “Oh! Don’t Enter the Kitchen, You Will Burn Your Hand”

The kids of the over-protective dads are not at all risk-takers. Because these dads always abstain their kids from taking the simplest pain in life. The kids would burn their hands in the kitchen or cut their fingers while gardening – these kinds of worries occupy these dad’s mind. They simply love to spoon-feed their children.

As a child of this over-protective dad, you must have had your share of irritation! But when you are away from your over-protective dad, you miss him terribly. You miss that constant nagging because in a big city or among unknown people, nobody really cares about your being. But your over-protective dad does that – it’s ok that is a bit too much! Maybe you have never expressed how much owe to him. This Father’s Day, why not get him some wonderful gifts that we have lined up for you. Have a look at our amazing gift options like mixed flower bouquets, chocolate truffle cake, personalized hamper, or a hamper of perfumes.

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