5 Refreshing ideas to celebrate Hug Day in a unique manner


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A hug or embrace is a wonderful gesture that immediately establishes the bond between two individuals. This physical act breaks the unfamiliarity between two people and makes them connect instantly. A hug works wonder on different situations like to console your partner when he/she is sad, to share the happiness of your partner, to melt down the anger of your loved ones, to express the long wait in a relationship and other such emotions.

A hug is a one stop remedy that is most comforting in any relationship. There is a hug day which is celebrated every year on 12th February to let bygones be bygones and hug your loved ones enthusiastically. If you want to celebrate this Hug Day in a different manner, here is your helpful guide.

Give a kick start boost to her caffeine addiction- There are numerous people whose day starts with a caffeine drink like tea or coffee and your soul mate could be a part of that bandwagon. You can make her remember you every morning by gifting a personalized coffee mug. You can get the beautiful picture of her printed, set the couple photo of yours on the mug or can print a cute message for her to give a personalized look to your coffee mug.

Gift lovely bouquets of flowers- In order to celebrate Hug Day with your partner, you can gift a lovely bouquet of flowers of his/her choice. There are various kinds of flowers available such as roses, lilies, tulips, carnations, orchids and other such varieties to celebrate the essence of Hug Day.

Buy a soft personalized cushion- Cushion or pillow is not only soft in nature, they can even convey the stronger emotional feelings also. Purchase a personalized cushion for your girlfriend or wife that can give her a comfortable sleep and can also give her a feeling of you being around. If you can’t find the one at your nearest physical furniture or home décor store, you can order the same from the Ferns N Petals store that can offer you multiple options in personalized cushions.

Add the gentleness with cute teddy bears- Your girlfriend or wife may have grown in age but her heart is still childlike. So, why not pamper her with a cute and adorable teddy bear? These teddy bears are available in the form of small key chains to life size teddy bears. Choose the one depending upon your pocket size and choice.

Bring good luck plant to her home- Gifting lucky plants has suddenly been a new trend among people. It not only signifies the concern of the sender regarding the health of the receiver but also helps in beautifying the home environment to a great extent. So, think about lucky plants as your hug day gifts for your soul mate for a perfect aura and home environment.

It is time to ditch away old monotonous ways of celebrating hug day and take the fresh approach with these ideas. Take the first step towards cementing your love relationship with this upcoming Hug Day.    

Author: Arun Raghav