Unleash The Power of Bach Flower Therapy


Dr. Bach of England in the year 1920-30 discovered something unique out of the naturally existing flowers. We have only two kind of emotions – positive and negative. The negative emotions are called by different names like fear, worry, anxiety, stress, depression, hatred, etc. To combat all these negative emotions from your mind, body, and soul, Dr. Bach found some wonderful remedies from flowers. Bach flower remedies are solutions of brandy and water and this water contains extreme dilutions of flower materials developed by the great doctor. He was of the view that dewdrops on flower petals have amazing healing properties of that flowering plant. Till today, there is quite a fame of this flower remedy because they have been proven successful over time and age in bringing happiness and equilibrium in human life.

Dr. Bach used 38 wildflowers to produce essential floral oils and here are seven of them which you can bring in your home for prosperity.

Agrimony: This is generally found on hedge banks and roadside verges, grassland, and wastelands. It is a wonder plant that works as the remedy for people who keep their dilemmas hidden under a disguise of pleasure and happiness. They look jovial and cheerful outside but something is killing them from inside. Their heart is always bleeding and even the closest of friends don’t know the truth of these people. To cut away from their heartaches, they often take vices and that may become fatal. Agrimony helps us to come to terms with the darker or gloomy side of our personality so that there can be peace inside. This unhappiness, anxiety or insomnia is cured by this agrimony.

Beech: Beech is found on all type of soil but most likely on chalk landscape and a well-drained condition. You would find all types of people surrounding you – right? There are people who are intolerant, critical, dissatisfied, irritable and are always finding a flaw in everything. They are often found in an irate state of mind for the minutest matters. Beech flower remedy would ensure that these kinds of people learn to see good and beauty in everything that surrounds them.

Centaury: The chalklands, dry and sandy soils are important for the growth of Centaury. Maybe you know people in your circle who would never say a NO to you or anyone else. There is nothing wrong with this ultra-helpful attitude but the world is not such a nice place to live in. There are many ruthless people who take undue advantage of these innocent people. For this kind of people, Centaury would be a great healer. It is not going to make you a hard person who would be insensitive towards other’s emotions but it would pour more courage and self-determination.

Elm: These are found profusely in hedgerows, by woods and roads. Are you suffering from a lack of confidence? Maybe you have taken up a bulk of responsibility and finding a lack of confidence to face the magnitude of your task and this is causing your quite a distress and embarrassment. This is the flower therapy you should believe now. This particular remedy would help to disperse these negative feelings so that we can restart our lives without thought of failure.

Gorse: It grows well in moorlands and sandy soils. If you know someone who has given up faith and hope in life, this would be a great floral gift. Maybe these people have seen much gloom in their life and have suffered through a bed of blood which is the cause of the denial of any kind of goodness. This Gorse would then provide necessary encouragement to these kinds of people.

Olive: After harsh physical and mental efforts, one is supposed to get tired and exhausted. Those struggling or suffering from a long-standing disease, are often prone to this fatigue.  The Mediterranean climate is conducive to the growth of olives. This remedy gives us that power to restore our strength and power to face the ongoing in life. One would feel energized for sure.

Walnut: The plantation requires a rich nutrient soil and a plenty of space to grow. This one is for those who need protection from outer influences when their life is going through a change like puberty, career, job, etc. To face the changing nature of the life, walnut is largely effective for its calming elements.

Hope you find this article interesting enough and implement these therapies in your daily life for betterment.