Unusual Gift Ideas- Cool & Funky Gifts

Sending and receiving gifts on special occasions enhances the spirit of celebrations. But deciding what to gift your friends or loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion can be quite tricky and confusing at times. In search of the best gift, we end up wasting so much of time and efforts. Have you ever thought of giving something unusual yet useful as a gift? Deciding on some unusual gift ideas can give you the opportunity to be creative. It can also make the receiver feel special.

Funky Gift Ideas

Have a look at some unusual gift ideas that you can consider while deciding gifts for your loved ones!

Invisible Bookshelf

A perfect gift for someone who loves reading and likes to wake up to books every single morning. It is an invisible bookshelf that can be mounted on the wall. The books kept over this bookshelf will look like they are hanging in the air. It is quite an unusual gift one could ever receive, and it will be of great utility.

Invisible Bookshelf

Wood Log Pillow

In this busy and stressed life, quiet and sound sleep is the best gift you could give someone. This super comfortable log shaped pillow is the perfect gift to give to your friends or family members. Resting their head on this pillow will make them feel as if they are amidst nature and let them enjoy a lovely and sound sleep.


Wall Clock with Hidden Safe

We all possess some precious valuables that we like to hide from other people but always run out of spaces to keep them safe. This wall clock with hidden safe is perfect to keep small yet precious belongings such as currency notes, jewelry, watches, etc. Give this gift to your friends so that they do not misplace their expensive items at home.

unique clock with safe

Fire Extinguisher Party Drink Dispenser

A perfect gift for the party animals who love to entertain guests every weekend. Give it to your party-lover friend, and he couldn’t thank you enough for it. All they have to do is fill the drinks in this dispenser, and the guests can help themselves. We assure the guests are going to be quite impressed with this fantastic drink dispenser.

drink dispenser

Game over Ceramic Mug

Do you have a friend, brother or sister who is a die-hard fan of exciting video games? If yes, then this ceramic mug would make a perfect gift for their birthday. They can enjoy their tea, coffee or soup in this mug. They will feel full control while holding the cup and enjoying their drink, and once they finish it, a dramatic text of ‘Game Over’ will appear in front of their eyes.

cool mug

Money Plant in a Designer Pot

The money plant in a designer pot will be quite a useful gift, and it will serve two purposes for the receiver. It will act as a décor item in the home and money plant will add a tinge of greenery to the environment.

money plant

Choosing extraordinary gifts on special occasions is a great way to show how much your loved ones mean to you. These unique gifts not only look cool but are extremely functional too. Send unusual gifts to your near and dear ones on their special occasions and add a fun element to the celebrations.