Valentine Gift Ideas to Makeup After Fighting Over Silly Things

What is the type of your love-story? Utterly and butterly romantic? Just like the Mills and Boons? The Rich meets Poor melodrama? Consolidation of two poles? Or a saga less ordinary?

Whichever it might be, surely it is not devoid of any fight! When we are in love, we just don’t allow ourselves to give up on the significant other. Falling in love with a person on the basis of looks, characteristics, crazy attitudes, or taste of art, etc. is somehow different from sharing one room with the same person. When you are dating, you are witnessing only a superficial layer of your partner. You experience many more facets of the same person when you start living with him/her. While dating, you have some topics to fight with your partner and those issues change later. 

There are always some silly disputes which every couple face and fight. In this season of love and romance, we bring to you some wonderful Valentine gift ideas which can get for your partner after every silly fight.

Pink & White Roses

How Long to Stay at a Party?

Well, this is a million dollar question! Your partner asks you with “not so straight face” – I want to leave right now, how long are you going to be in the party? You are not at all in a mood to leave your friends and drinks and the moment you have reached the horizon of ultimate craziness, such a question pops up. You are literally in a fix! This may end in a big drama where your partner becomes non-verbal to you for weeks. Don’t let that happen! You know how to sweet-talk – right? Ask him/her to leave politely and resume your party. The next day you can present a charming bouquet of pink and white roses while he/she is at work with a love note. Things would fall into its place!

Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Watching the Episode of a Series without the Significant Other

“How can you just watch this episode without me?” “You are such a selfish person – I never imagined you are so self-centric!” – Yes, these are the exact lines you would hear if you have watched the favorite show without her. You have committed a sin and you truly deserve a bashing. Actually, you don’t have a fitting answer to make a comeback. You cannot say, “I drank a potion which led to a rush of curiosity and I felt like resolving the mystery like Mr. Bond or Holmes”. You have to say a sorry and bring her heart-shaped chocolates to make up.

Chocolate Fruit cake

Eating the Cake Made for the Guests

In your head, you have done no wrong after eating the whole cake for which she has been preparing for the last two weeks. She watches “Master chef”, went places to buy the necessary ingredients, and took half-day leave to finally make the cake! And dude, in a gust of temptation, you have simply destroyed her plans! Maybe you were in a state of depression due to irregular sales figures at your office and needed something to soothe your nerves! But she won’t listen to all that crap you have to say. Simply order a nice cake from a reputed brand so that her prestige is not hampered. 

Smiley Emoji Cushion

Talking ‘not so cool things’ about the Other One’s Family

This is a tale of almost every couple – Why he/she is not happy when my parents visit? It’s not like you hate your in-laws but simply it’s something else. What is this ‘else’? You perhaps notice an aberration in your partner’s behavior when the in-laws pay a visit. Maybe both of you are so accustomed to living in each other’s company that presence of anyone else creates some discomfort! Maybe one day just while having dinner, you pointed out a very irritating habit of your in-laws and had a good laugh. But your partner won’t swallow it down nicely. Oops! You made a boo-boo! Do you know how to combat the tension now? Gift a smiley emoji cushion to him/her.

Yellow Tulip Flowers

Putting Back Things from Where They Were Taken Out

Some people are just very particular about their belongings! It’s always suggested not to meddle with their things to avoid unnecessary frictions in your relationship. Still, if you have to use his/her notepad, diary, perfume, laptop, towel, etc. just be very cautious while keeping it back. Especially, if you are living with someone who has OCD, you would get to hear sarcastic comments and observe some killing silent looks! The thing is the more cautious you are, you are more likely to commit some mistakes. A lovely bouquet of yellow flowers can stop your fight!

Morning Coffee Tray with Roses

You Don’t Surprise Me Anymore?

Surprise is always the secret of a happy love. The more you surprise, the more your partner loves you madly. Holding this surprise element is very necessary for a long-term relationship. Once your partner agrees to your proposal and you settle down amicably, there is nothing much to explore now! You got the love of your life by your side and things do change after that. The point is your life should not succumb to your responsible role at office and home. The moment you hear “You have changed, you don’t surprise me anymore” – you should know that boredom has crept in. Just wipe that away with a surprisingly romantic morning breakfast tray. Use a personalized coffee mug to decorate the tray with flowers! You can try this as a Valentine gift and keep the practice alive.

Wine and Cheese

Why So Unromantic?

You have to agree that romance forms the crux of your love relationship. Whether you are married or still finding that perfect time to marry – if there is no romance in your relationship, you are perhaps not living enough. You certainly don’t have to be a Shahrukh Khan or Leonardo DiCaprio. Just bring a bottle of nice wine and some cheese and to enjoy a movie session with your lover. Take her out for a long drive when the world sleeps and observe the moonlit night and stars. That’s what romance is all about – observing silence together when you have so much to say and still coming from that escapade feeling complete.

Irritating Snore


This is a serious issue which leads to some bad fights. The one who snores has practically no self-defensive answers. Whoever snores is never sentient of the pain of the others and that cannot be blamed. But being the responsible partner, you can, of course, get some Valentine gifts like anti-snore nose clips, wristbands, or mouthpiece. To avoid a bad fight or after the silly fight over snoring, these cute and useful gifts would bring peace back to life.

Happy Shopping Date

Spent So much?

Spending too much and getting reprimanded? It is a general topic of the fight – to pinpoint on each other and showing the bills of shopping. Why do we earn? To lead a satisfying life. Shopping purely comes under that satisfaction. Whoever of you have started shouting on your partner for being such a spendthrift must apologize with another shopping date. In fact, this is a great Valentine gift idea. You don’t have to think and overthink on the gift and still, you can manage to keep your partner happy.

Cooking Dinner

What to Eat for Dinner?

The one who is preparing dinner has also gone through a hard day just like you. Therefore, you have no right to fuss on the quality or decoration or types of food. A majority of couples fight on the dinner table and the topic starts from vegetable choice and ends in electricity bill. If you have fought over such a silly thing, makeup with a role reversal. Cook the dinner for an entire week for your partner and show your creativity.  

In the end, it is important to say that Fight between couples is of two types – one that may end in separation and the one which binds you closer. Imagine how would your life be without these cute and silly fights? It would be really boring. The state of being “noise-less” or “complaint-free” is absolutely blatant. We actually enjoy life after these fights. So, raise a toast for these silly fights and makeup with a charming Valentine gift.

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