What to buy under INR. 500 and still celebrate Valentine’s Day happily?

They say that love is valuable and priceless both. But when love and romance is in the air in the month of February, we do see the glamor of money in a highly commercial way. Seeing the glitter of this whole phenomenon, you often sigh and think, “Wish I had no limit of money”. And today I want to empathize with you all who are looking for a thoughtful gift on this Valentine’s Day.

You know every city or town that we live in have a few places where you get things at really cheap rates. When you can get a durable bag at 450, why would you bother to spend 4500 just for a tag – right? Well, if you agree with me, the following gifts under INR. 500 would be loved by you for sure.

Budget friendly gifts for boyfriends:

Coffee mug: Maybe he loves to sip on the black coffee more than others and thus this coffee mug is the best gift for him. Any printed or colorful ceramic or china clay coffee mug would cost you maximum 150 bucks. And in case you want make it a special one, you can personalize this mug. Maximum you have to spend INR. 250 to get a picture and love message printed on a coffee mug. Isn’t this a cheap gift option? Serve him a black coffee in this new mug and surprise him.

Emoji socks: The chilling waves are still to leave and thus socks would be a beneficial gift of love for your boyfriend. The cute emoji socks are easily available these days in local stores or with street vendors. Cool and funky socks would definitely be loved. Select the bright colors like royal blue or orange ones. And given the budget, you can buy more than one here.

Phone Cover: Nothing can beat this fantasy people have with changing their phone covers often. A phone cover thus makes a great gift for many occasions. Gift him a customised phone cover this valentines day so that he can carry the moments everywhere he goes.

Cool Pajamas: Love is all about expressing your feelings of care to the other person. Those superman printed pajamas or the ones with human skulls printed all over are really trendy these days. For rocking the house parties, these kind of cool pajamas would simply be loved by your boyfriend.

Books: Getting a book is always preferred by me because most of them can be managed under a budget of INR. 500. If the look of your boyfriend is like the “Thinking woman’s man”, this is the best gift you can manage for him. Romantic novels or the inspirational ones – select a subject that he would love reading.

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Budget friendly gifts for girlfriends:

Chocolates and Teddy bears: You may see a rise in the price of these items in or around Valentine’s Day. So, it’s better to be prepared for the future by purchasing the gift for your cutiepie few days before. Cadbury fruit n nut or silk along with a teddy bear would not cost you more than INR. 450. This combination of gift always works great for girls. They would love it for sure.

Fragrant or colorful candles: If not a whole set, at least you can get one candle that is fragrant and colorful within this given budget for sure. In moments of power-cut, your candles would be used for sure. And the fragrant candles also erases stress and depression. Also for hosting any party, these candles come as a great use.

Bed sheet: You know fancy gifts are a different thing and your depth of love can be proved by a simple and useful gift also. A bed sheet is a thing that we use daily and thus its collection should be on the higher side. Get a red colored bed sheet for her on this Valentine’s Day. Double-sized bed sheets of good quality can be gained within INR. 500. So, what do you want more? And believe me, girls love anything that has got something to do with home decor.

Flowers: Last but not the least, a red rose for this special day can be achieved at INR. 50 which is 40 rupees more than the usual rate. But given a budget of 500, you can take up a red rose bouquet also. You can also play smart here by buying a red rose of 50, chocolate of 80, and the rest of the money can be spent on some nice food to enjoy the Valentine’s Day.

A great soul once said that we all should always look up for a simple living and high thinking. And see, how well you can design your valentine specific gifts within a meager amount of INR. 500 and still be happy. The best feelings of life are always priceless and the more you are simplistic in outlook, the more you actually end up enjoying life in its raw form. So, spend a budget friendly season of love and have fun!

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