Author: Aamna Mobin

new year resolutions

Image Credits: henry4school.fr

The happy month of December has arrived. The year is coming to an end and it is the time for cold breeze, hot coffee, new year gifts and festivity along with a sense of nostalgia. It has been a year of achievements, accolades, praises, joy and good memories for some, while the opposite for the rest. We all have made a thousand memories, made quite a few mistakes and learned a lot. The year has taught us about new ways of life, problem-solving and taking care of the people in our lives.

Every year, this time always reminds us of the fact that time never stops. It flows like a river. And we must value the time for its trait of passing with a promise to never come back. Talking about valuing the time, we must spend it wisely and spend it doing positive things for ourselves. We must plan things to do in the coming year, in order to have a good life ahead. Some call it goals, some call it plans while we call it resolutions! Some of us make it just for the sake of sharing with friends and in the social circle, while some actually mean it!

Here are the top New Year resolutions that we all need to stick to (round the year).

– Lose Weight – This is one of the most common and ‘never followed’ resolution of all times. Girls want to be thin, boys want to reduce their belly fat, aunties too have a peer pressure of looking younger and uncles need to reduce weight to keep diabetes under control… We all have different reasons to get thin with the same amount of willingness!

– Start Gym – Being fit is one thing and having a muscular body is another. Going to the gym has always been the top priority in our resolutions each year. Most of us buy a membership in a fancy gymnasium, starts going regularly but loses interest gradually. Some of us keep mentioning it in the conversations with friends but never collects enough energy to reach the information desk.

– Quit Smoking – Ahhh! This one is a killer! “This is the last one I am smoking” is what we usually say to ourselves. And that actual last one never comes. It is difficult to say goodbye to our habits, and most of us catch hold of it even after leaving it for some time.

– Start Saving – Money is something we all get serious about very soon. But when it comes to savings, our expenses never seem to compromise. We all make resolutions about not being a spendthrift, but every pair of shoes, expensive perfume, new phone or a piece of jewelry silently sneaks in our wardrobes.

– Learn New Hobby – Whoever sets this resolution must be quite sick of his/her current life. More than half of people actually mean to learn something new. From cooking to dancing to horse riding to guitar and foreign language lessons, we find everything that we don’t know, interesting!

We all make similar resolutions every year and deviate from them in no time. Let’s make 2017 a little different. Let’s follow our resolutions and every time when you want to let it go, think of the very reason that made you make this resolution!