Weekend that slipped away in no time…

The long weekend is still not over and so isn’t my journey back to the life that I once chose and chose happily! My laptop shivers while I try to collect thoughts and put in words. Piece of favourite music plays loud, silently inside my earphones and me… making the most of these eight hours with my fingers dancing gracefully on the keypad.

With every inch that the train moves ahead, I feel a little more far away from home, from my people or myself you can say. Don’t think I am a home sick person, as I have never been and never will be, it’s just the effect of sleeping more than usual, eating more than usual, resting more than usual and getting used to it and start to miss it already at the back of mind!

Well, let’s talk about the past four days which didn’t happen to be the first time that I visited home after months. But, getting emotional while waving hand from the doors of the train, is inevitable as mum and dad gaze helplessly from the platform. And now that I am on the way back, there are a lot of moments I recall that I could have lived more, lived in a better way or could have made it more wonderful, but, since its gone, all I can do is nothing!

saying goodbye

Or maybe, I can make up for all those moments in a way that will bring me all the more closer to my people. I can surprise them with a lovely gift at their doorstep and bring beautiful smiles to their faces.

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