What's Your Birth Flower?

You might have heard of moon signs and other things that drive our actions and define your personality. Everything in the universe drives the actions that effects how a person is. Nature is wide spread and in its vastness, delicate and colourful flowers also hold importance and they also depict qualities same as our traits. See, how these flowers are related to our lives and behaviours.


Just like the bees cannot resist the lure of the Honeysuckle flower, people cannot resist your energy. If you are born under the sign of this flower, you have the power to attract people with your sweetness. You are assertive and have the capability of making variety of friends. Honeysuckle people are strong and determined, weaving their way through any challenge and encourage innovation.

Birth flower


Just like the lavender spread its beauty far and wide for all to enjoy, you too love to share your beautiful ideas with other people and get more new insights as you do so. You have an active mind, amazingly creative and productive. You are expansive in your expressions and you always seem to find your muse.

birth flower


Compassion is the catchphrase for acanthus flower signs. You are blessed with a commendable trait called intuition, especially in the matters of heart. Being quite perceptive, warm and sympathetic, you understand sometimes what people do not say and just feel. You comprehend feelings which makes you a natural healer too. Acanthus zodiac flower signs are highly influenced by outside forces – especially the pull of the moon. Being surrounded by loved ones keeps you grounded and also prevent you from negativity.

birth flower


A sunflower is a bright bloom which drives energy and brings liveliness to its surrounding. Similarly, people having sunflower as their birth flower are open, warm and natural leaders. If you are the sunflower born, you have the ability and confidence to cope and rise, you know how to reach the top! People often look up to you for good piece of advices.

birth flower

Morning Glory

People with this morning glory zodiac flower, are usually thoughtful and reflective. Very organized and observant, you tend to think and plan first before you take any action. You also have a beautiful way of putting things neatly and tidy.

birth flower


If you have this flower sign you have a unique ability to see the hidden meanings in things and expose the underlying evidence for what it is. You have an eye for classic beauty, and you love to surround yourself with beautiful things too. You are attracted to philosophy, poetry and art. Because you see the beauty and truth in all things, you do not tolerate injustice or cruelty.

birth flower


Exactly the way the chrysanthemum is, you too have many layers to you, and just as soon as someone thinks they have you identified, you pop out with another blossom of surprises. You like clarity and honesty in all things. In fact, when situations are murky or unhealthy you are the perfect sign to come in and clear the air or heal the situation.

birth flower


Narcissus zodiac flower signs can be very influential and enjoy sharing their philosophical ideas with others. You are direct, to the point, trustworthy and honest. You are naturally wise, and you also are gifted with good luck. You come on strong, but have a sensitive side you don’t share with too many people. You have an active imagination and love to dream the days away.



Those with the carnation flower sign are beautifully adept at putting things in order, and organizing. You are strong willed and determined for others to see your point of view. You can be driven and determined and this makes you a hardworking and strong personality.



An orchid is breathtakingly beautiful and so is your persona. You have a curious, inventive and a dreamy personality which attract people to your unique and eccentric ways. You have a different way of looking at the world. You are a natural humanitarian, and love to unravel mysteries.


Water Lily

Perceptive and deeply psychic, water lily defines you as a mature and a thoughtful person. Water runs through all the flower signs but especially through yours and this accentuates your intuitive abilities. You are sometimes able to absorb ideas and thoughts of those around you. Being a naturally creative person, you know how to control your emotional upheavals. A natural artist, you are an excellent communicator.


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