Why Punishments For Small-Small Lies?

Father's Day in India

Your childhood is incomplete without being punished by your dad for lying to him. Though we never planned to lie to our dads, that was something spontaneous because of their fear. But, our fathers never understood us and our reasons behind lying, just punished us to teach a lesson. And for us as kids, punishment was something very big and it forced us to hate them.

How many of you lied to you parents when you were kids? I know, almost everyone. Was that habit good? No. That was what our fathers wanted us to take a lesson for, through punishment. We ourselves hate lies, no matter how much we lie to others. Our dads just wanted us to get rid of this habit because he knew that how much it hurts. Finally, we succeeded to improve ourselves with his punishments.

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For every good behind bad, there has to be a dad…

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