Why should you gift chocolates?

Chocolate love

What is chocolate? A delicious treat that uplifts your mood the moment you see it. Chocolates boosts brain serotonin and hence it is known as the joy stimulant. They have always been the backup plan to any kind of gifting complication. You forgot to buy anniversary present, what about chocolates? They will save you from the wrath of your partner. If this wasn’t a reason enough to believe that chocolates are the perfect gift, here are some more reasons to convince you:

They are everyone’s favorite!

There is no person who will say no to chocolate. Chocolate is your partner when you recently went through a breakup! Chocolate just soothes our heart. What more, dark chocolate helps you lose weight!

A luxury that can’t be replaced!

Gone are the days when people preferred mithai boxes! Whether it is lohri or some other occasion, chocolates have conveniently replaced the mithai boxes! Why? Because they are far more luxurious than those big boxes of mithais. Also the shelf life of chocolates is greater than the mithai boxes.

They are healthy!

Chocolates are loaded with flavanols that fight free radicals in your body that are responsible for pre-mature ageing and cell damage. Eat chocolate and look young!
Also, eating dark chocolate benefits your cardiovascular health in long run. A dark chocolate a day keeps heart doctor away?

Do we really need a reason to love chocolate? I guess not but now you have a motive to gorge on chocolates and gift them to your loved ones!

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