5 edible herbs you should grow

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas
You come home tired from work and think twice before entering kitchen. Your stomach starts growling and then you realize that you are human and require food to operate. You enter the kitchen and see what you can whip up but like your bank balance, the fridge is out of herbs for your dinner. If this has happened to you many times or think might happen to you. Spear yourself the disappointment of going to bed hungry. Having an indoor herb garden gives you the luxury of making delicious dishes without having to spend a lot of money on groceries.

Here are 5 edible herbs that you can grow right from your kitchen!


The herb that gives the extra flavor to the dish. The best part about this herb is that it’s very easy to grow. All it needs is plenty of sunlight and you are good to go!


The most hassle free herb that will grow even without soil. This herb is not only used in dishes to give the spicy edge but also keeps away mosquitoes!


A fast growing herb that will spread without almost any care. The perfect addition to your drinks and salads, this herb is a must if you love a burst of freshness!


Even a sprinkle of oregano is enough to make any dish taste even more delicious. This herb requires a huge amount of sunlight so you would want to keep this plant at a well-lit window where it can prosper and grow.


The perfect topping to any Indian dish, cilantro makes it taste even more delicious. Combination of cilantro and mint makes for an excellent chutney that goes along with anything you eat.


So there you have it! These edible herbs will add taste to the dishes and will be the perfect decoration to your kitchen!

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