5 fun facts about Tulips!


Tulips are the flowers that indicate the oncoming of spring. Tulips are symbolic of spring and epitomizes the wonderful feeling of spring. Their vibrant colours and beautiful blooms add the dash of spring fever to any room.

Check out these 5 fun facts about tulips:


Price of Tulips

Tulips were the most expensive flower in the 1600s that cost more than most people’s home and would cost almost 10 times of what an average middle-class man earned in a year.


Symbolism of Tulips

Although these flowers have different meanings, tulips in general symbolize love and signal spring’s arrival. True love can be shown by red tulips and white tulips symbolize sorry. And just like its color, purple tulips symbolize royalty. On the other hand, receiving a multi-colored bouquet of tulips means that someone admires your eyes.


Cooking with Tulips

You might have heard that few flowers are edible and tulips are one of them! Tulips can be used as onion substitute in any recipe and can also be used to make wine!


History behind the name

The name tulip derives from the shape of the flowers. They seemed to resemble a turban to the ancient Persians that is called “delband”.


Exports of Holland

The largest producer and exporter of tulips worldwide is Netherlands. They not only grow but also export nearly three billion tulip bulbs every year. It has to be noted that they were at a point the fourth biggest export after cheese, gin and herring.


With such a delightful and vivid history, tulips have always been the indicator of advent of spring. They bring happiness to each day and gifting a bouquet of such can be of delight.

So go ahead and start gifting tulips to your most favourite people who will surely thank you for the gesture. Start with a bunch of Spring Tulips from Ferns N Petals and work your way up with elaborate arrangements like Assorted Tulips. Happy gifting!

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