Where Are Your Heading for Your New Year Celebrations?

Happy New Year Celebration


A year passes by giving us a lot of moments and memories to hold on forever. For some of you, 2017 might have been a remarkable year, while for some, it might not have been such a great year. But one thing is for sure – you must have gathered experiences and life lessons and that’s all that matters. Success and failures complement each other. What you have missed this year, can be achieved next year. But whatever be the case, you should welcome 2018 with a bang! So, where are you heading to party hard on the last leg of the year? If you still have not given any thought to New Year celebration, have a look at the following places where you can spend some nice time with friends and family and forget all aches of the past to embrace another New Year with hope and positivity.

Goa: This is the best place in India to celebrate New Year. For the beach lovers, this place is, of course, a paradise. The availability of cheap alcohol, beach shacks, and the pleasant weather there are conducive to your New Year plan there. Goa is called India’s own Las Vegas because parties never stop here. Numerous options for live music concerts and theme parties would make your stay an enjoyable one here. The best places for New Year celebration here are: Grand Hyatt at Panjim, the famous Anjuna Beach, Kamaki Bar for Greek theme party, etc.

Mumbai: Mumbai and Goa are very well-connected and thus you can plan for a week-long vacation during the year-end. Go to Mumbai first and then visit Goa to celebrate New Year. Mumbai is the busiest and the most populated metro city in India. From rags to riches, Marine Drive to Antilla, there is an interesting story in each and every corner of this Vada-Pao city. It is said that “Mumbai never sleeps” and you would get a feel of that once you spend the last day of the year here. All the hotels and lounges all across the city gear up for a massive celebration. The parties at lotus café of JW Marriott, Visa on arrival at Canvas lounge, Stax at Hyatt Regency, and The VVIP Experience at the Ghost are the most endearing New Year parties of Mumbai.

Pondicherry: If you are in awe of the French lifestyle, you must visit this place and embrace the New Year. The clean city streets, colorful buildings, and French architecture all around hold a majestic view.  Beach parties in Pondicherry are the major attractions for tourists. You would notice fire-crackers and bonfire parties at the beaches which is really enjoyable. The electrifying street performances are also something that you just cannot miss here. You may visit places like Anandha Inn, Atithi, Auroma gardens Auroville, and Soiree to witness the most famous New Year parties.

Kasol: Located on the scenic Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a favorite destination among the mountain lovers all around the year. This is one of the coolest places in India to spend New Year. There are places where you can party hard in Kasol. In case, you are up for some unconventional way of New Year celebration, you can enjoy camping with your best friends or go for trekking.

Jaipur: Famously known as the “Pink City”, Jaipur is one of the colorful cities of India. For a breath-taking New Year celebration, the imperial charisma of this place is really awesome. You can go to the majestic palaces, experience the vibrant Rajasthani cultural dance and song performances there, and delve into the royal platter of food. Chokhi Dhani must be on your list if you are planning for Jaipur during the New Year.

Apart from all these places, you may also visit Rann of Kutch, Delhi, Bengaluru, Gangtok, Gokarna, etc. to celebrate New Year. New Year celebration and parties continue for at least a week or two. So you have enough time to plan your vacation and enjoy your life. This is also the time to greet all your old friends, family members, and relatives and thus you must be ready with some exciting New Year gifts. So, welcome New Year on a sweet note by sending New Year sweets, chocolates, cakes, and flowers.

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