Blooms That Deter Bugs

Bugs can be irritating, especially for someone who has entomophobia. We can either stock our apartments with bug sprays and other artificial ways to repel bugs or we can add elegance with flowers that have the magical power to deter bugs!

1. Chrysanthemums


The naturally rich pyrethrum is loaded in these beautiful flowers, making it the perfect addition to the garden or balcony to deter bugs from infesting in other plants that are prone to bug infestations.

2. Dahlias


These attractive flowers are the perfect addition to your kitchen garden because of their beauty and insect repelling properties. They repel nematodes that usually tend to infest vegetables.

3. Lavender


Gorgeous lavender blooms not only repel insects but are also low maintenance and have properties of anxiety removal. The purple will spread all across your garden or even in your yards, making the room glow with fragrance and beauty.

4. Marigolds


The scent emanating from these flowers repels mosquitoes and many other bugs. The bonus point is that these flowers are extremely hardy; they love to grow in dry and sunny areas as they are prone to mildew.

5. Nasturtium


Wonderfully gorgeous flowers that come in great variety of colours is the all-in-one insect repellent which repels almost all insects. They however don’t deter bumble bees; which is a bonus because bees regulate pollination.

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