Capturing fleeting moments of another Year…!

Gain-Loss, Love-Hate, Rise-Fall….
The fragmented list goes on and on
Memories of light and shadow smears me to a land unknown
And it leaves me alone with a quenched soul.

Time is calculated among us as year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, and Nano second. We give so much preference to time and its sub-parts that sometimes we just forget the magic of life. Every second is precious and it really passes with a magic spell. Once the year ends, I love to take a flashback of it, rounding up which I paraphrase that I really survived another year with aches & burns in one hand and joy and pride in another. I feel like a victor as I was able to handle all that life made me witness. This shows that everything works in balance and you cannot escape this poise.

So another year has just passed and you are in a different chapter now. Generally, people party hard on a 31st December night to forget the past regrets and welcome the New Year with new vigor. And then they indulge into New Year Resolutions which work or not I don’t know as this vagabond soul never ever planned anything in life. This is basically everyone’s same old story.

Aren’t you all tired of the same routine? The same parties with old and new people, the same boozing sessions, the same oath taking, the same mad dance at 12 midnight!!!

How many of you have actually reviewed your deeds of the past year 2015? I am 100% sure that all you folks can manage to remember is your 31st December night last year, some important dates of promotion or engagement-marriage, and similar type of events. Is that all in the name of happiness? What I intend to say here is – happiness is calculated in these areas only, and rest of the year was either full of complaints or ignorance.

1. Don’t you remember that unknown face in the metro who saved your unzipped bag with important stuffs from falling down just before the doors closed?`

2. Are you sentient of the fact that the next door aunty had to postpone her prayer hours as she dislikes the rock music played by you which is noise to her?

3. Do you remember the day when you had a good scolding from your manager for deleting one important file? The vagrant boy of your area pulled it from your laptop with minimal effort as he is a genius.

4. Do you remember those chilly winter mornings when you woke up the rickshaw driver from his peaceful sleep so that he can take you to your destination?

5. Of course you don’t even know that mysterious flute player of Dilli-Haat, who played a piece of soothing music from a childhood favorite movie and made you recall your school friends. You called up many of your old buddies after that and planned numerous get together!

6. The ageing maid sustained many rainy days with a torn umbrella and reached fully drenched at your place just to make soft chapatis for your dinner. May be you don’t even know which bus she has to take to commute!

7. Your mom woke up at 4 in a Sunday morning to cook meal for you and your friends so that you can have an enjoyable Sunday picnic.

I have just made a list of 7 normal occurrences which happen to us day in and day out but we don’t notice them. Just pause for a moment amidst the buzzing party and really remember these small incidents of your daily life and say a “THANK YOU” and “SORRY” as per the situation – at least in your mind. If possible send New Year Gifts to those people whom you are thankful for contributing to a successful 2015. That I would call a perfect bid adieu to 2015.

These kinds of tiny episodes do teach us a lot about ourselves, our nature, greed, tolerance, etc. which in a long run shapes our whole character. In fact the fun would be greater if you can maintain a journal of the happenings of each and every day of the 365 days journey of a year. In the year-end, while scrolling through the pages, you would find many such events which have made you a better person. Many faces would crowd in your memory who donated a bit of themselves in your road. You would then hardly require anyone to commemorate a new year as your room is fully stuck with the facades from memory-land.

Personally, I would like to thank one of my dearest friends who abetted me to transform my house into a loving home. The morning tea-breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner, countless boozing sessions with non-stop arguments as well as silent talks with that person chiseled me a lot. I wonder my solitude would have missed a lot of themes without this person. I am grateful to you and wish all the true happiness for you.

So now, tell me, how many of you are thinking and thanking the last year for making you encounter such wonderful experiences? Remember some more and give a standing ovation with a big smile to say BID ADIEU 2015.

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