Joy of gifting redefined

Reflecting on the ever-changing vogue, we bring to you blogs predicting trends and fashions that are set to change the entire way of gifting. In this volume, we showcase baskets and vases that are getting popular day by day. People no longer want to be gifted with bouquets or bunches that become a hectic task to convert into an arrangement suitable for home or office.

1. Traditional arrangements
Intended to stay fresh for a longer time with the floral foam, glass vase arrangements are not only designer but also very sturdy and easy to manage. We strive to make every occasion filled with elegance. Below are only some of our creations that are meant to add sophistication and dash of charm into the room.

glass vase traditional vase orange flowers

2. Contemporary arrangements
With the increase of contemporary decorations and themes, the household is designed to strike a chord with the guests. Over the top gaudy showpieces are OUT and old school subtle decorations are IN. We try to showcase our best beautiful flowers that are now being arranged in a manner that was never done before.

contemporary vase contemporary arrangement flowers in box

3. Mix of traditional and contemporary
Combining the best of both traditional and modern; these stylish arrangements are designed to add the ideal touch of delicate beauty. With our array of arrangements, it is guaranteed that any of your space you put it in, will instantly brighten up!

beautiful arrangements 4Q5A2943 modern arrangement

Designed with attention and elegance, these arrangements add beauty without burning a hole in your pocket. With these arrangements, we are sure your office or home will make for a beautiful space that will attract compliments from all around!

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