Just a click away…

Blog 14

I was just browsing the web when I came across hoards of eye-hurting advertisement on the screen and my eyes started searching for the ‘X’ to get rid of them. Well, I think you would agree with me, that things would have been a lot easier if all the bad moments could have been avoided with a simple click.

Our lives are filled with moments which we want to forget. It could be anything starting from somebody whom you loved suddenly walking out of your life, loosing your dearest friend due to some differences, a terrible fight with your family when you would have said things which you shouldn’t have and many more.

What we fail to understand is that with a mere click we are just avoiding the advertisement for the time being coz it comes up the moment we re-visit the website. If a simple gesture of love can stop your beloved from walking out of the relation then just tell him -’I Love You’, If hugging your friend when she is counting the differences can settle the matter forever then just- ‘Hug her’, if saying sorry to your family for all those ill words you have spoken can bring back that smile on their faces then just say it-‘I am sorry’.

In life conversion of bad moments into good one’s is just a click away. You only have to bring yourself to do it.

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