Let The Weekend Begin!


Have you been playing the poor corporate slave all these five days? Are you sure this the life you’ve always dreamt of? Keeping aside the loyalty for work, deep love for reverting to mails and giving a little more than a 100 percent, there is a lot more that you want to do. Unfortunately, a day comprise of only 24 hours which hardly leaves any scope for leisure.
But hey! No matter how dark it gets, your cloud too have a silver lining called WEEKEND!
It’s the best time to lend a little attention to yourself. Things that you really want to do, can be accomplished easily in these two lovely days.
Knowing and have already experienced the bliss that weekends bring, it is also important to remind ourselves that they not only arrive but leave too. And before we know it, Monday knocks!
Most people view Saturday and Sunday as a time to catch up on all the things they didn’t have time to do during the week: have fun, see loved ones, and do it all over again just five days later. This routine can leave you just as drained and exhausted on Monday morning as you felt on Friday afternoon. So, what’s the right thing that can lead to a fresh week ahead? We have the answer…

Stop sleeping late
Sleeping the morning away will rob you of the valuable time that you can do a lot with. You might get tempted to spend more time in bed on a weekend morning but getting up and enjoying a cup of coffee with your family would be a better option.

Stop working!
That’s right, actually give work a rest. Make a conscious decision at 5:00 on Friday to stop working and start relaxing. Imagine you’re transforming from the “work version” of yourself into the happy-go-lucky, relaxing “weekend version.” Relax, guilt-free!

Unplug from social media and smartphones
You might think that your Facebook and Twitter account needs attention and commenting, liking and following would refresh you, but being constantly connected spreads your attention thin, draining you of valuable energy.

Get out of your comfort zone
Monotony can make even the most relaxing weekend feel boring, and what else is more exhausting than that? Challenge yourself with new physical or intellectual activities. Make your weekends different every week. Set out and explore your city, there would be many places that you have still not visited.

Schedule some “nothing” time
Plan at least an hour entirely without plan. Do nothing, this may seem boring but it is healthy in a way to recharge and hit the reset button. Do not seek to be anywhere, do anything or be accountable to anyone. It’s going to be amazingly satisfying, trust me!

Fight the “Sunday blues”
Enjoying the Sunday evening is a little tough for everyone, as the week that lies ahead haunts you! Remember that you’re only wasting time if you are allowing the Sunday evening get stressed. Allow your Sundays to be enriching and relaxing, make them different, special and allow yourself to be yourself!

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