Love was..

love from olden times

In the era of emojis and emoticons, in which we have calculated each and every minute of our day, we have lost the real meaning of spontaneous love. Designing how we will meet the one who helps us escape everyday monotony or how many dates we will go on before we decide they are the one has been the catalyst in the extinction of the old-school love.

Before mobile phones became a necessity than a luxury, love was limited to some few things. The limited time that you could steal away from your regular attendance at college or going to temple was spent carving each other’s name on trees. Each stroke carved onto the bark of the tree was creatively done to impress the girl of your dreams.

Standing under her balcony, trying to merge into the surroundings to save yourself from the stern stares of her neighbours. How we tried to improve our handwriting so as to make every hand-written letter a beautiful declaration of love. It is the innocent and silent declaration of love that makes the yester era more exciting than the recent time. With limited ways to express love, every couple tried to carve their own love-story into something special. The charm of the olden time love is what has been inspiring lovers till date. The beautiful words of Beethoven still echo in the minds of young lovers- “Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.”

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