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The fall season has just slided into winters and the bright colours of spring are a distant fading memory, we should welcome and embrace the changing seasons. Gardening, landscaping, houseplants, flowers on the table, are lifestyles of maximum of people. You must surround yourself and your loved ones with the impact of colours, fragrance, textures and style, essential for your self-being also. We all know how flowers have a direct relation with happiness; the art of giving has its rewards!

Florists are fortunate to receive beautiful flowers every day. Even in the depth of winter and gloomy overcast days, they get flowers shipped to their shops, which brings in a lot of joy to them. They have an ecstatic experience of sharing the floral joy with the world. You too, can reward yourself and those around you for a job, accomplishment or any other awaited happiness in their lives. And at times, you don’t need a reason to make them feel special. You can send flowers to them just because you love them.
• A beautiful flower bouquet for a friend, just because he/she stood by you through thick and thin.
• A cool succulent for the neighbour who took care of your pet while you were on a holiday.
• A long lasting potted Bonsai for the guy next door, who allowed you have his parking space.
• A green and vibrant money plant in a bulb for your mum to hang in the kitchen, so that she knows you’re thinking about her.
• A beautiful white peace lily to the aunt who served you after school when mom was late.
I can go on and on and enlist people around you who needs to be acknowledged. You can get all of this on their doorsteps. These gifts, when reach their place, will definitely emphasize on your thoughtfulness and deliver the happiness and the powerful impact of gifting.

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