Sorry Wins Hearts

Valentine Day

You just had your first big fight? You are terribly afraid that you might just lose your partner?

Sorry- a simple word but powerful enough to heal many pains!

All relations are bound to have their highs and lows. When your partner gave you their heart, they trusted you with their flaws and secrets, making themselves totally vulnerable. But did you just do something or said something wrong?
Relax, don’t feel so helpless. Everyone messes in their relationship once in a while. Mistakes, apologies and forgiveness are a part and parcel of being in love. The more intimately you are involved in your relationship, the more you are aware of each other’s faults.

The important part is when you hurt your partner the apology must be done with utmost sensitivity. Be true to yourself and your partner. Take them in your arms, hold them close tightly and look into their eyes as you say “I am sorry” with a bunch of beautiful flowers and red velvet cake that is the symbol of love. Don’t give up because you are meant to be together. Say sorry, compel them to see your side of the story and they will forgive you lovingly.

As someone rightly said, time is the best healer, give ample space and time to your partner. But with time give them enough love to let them know how sorry you are. This simple, small word is a gift, an opportunity to win your partner back. Break the ice, let it go and simply say this not-so-hard word. Nothing is more important in the world than your love for each other.

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