Ten things you shouldn't be gifting your girlfriend

Girlfriends can be annoyingly hard to please. They always like the ice cream flavor that is out of stock or want to cuddle through a “rom-com” which is an absolute horror for you. Men and women are different in many aspects: the way of thinking, their needs and expectations. A woman knows how to ‘”read” the message that a gift is giving and sometimes well meaning gifts can be a double-edged sword and you could end up in trouble for that. So, choosing a right gift for your girlfriend can be very difficult and here is a list of things to avoid:

  1) Weight Loss Tools

Your girlfriend might always complain that she is gaining weight but she doesn’t need to hear the truth. And a membership to the local gym or a bestselling book on the latest diet craze would be blatantly telling her that she is overweight.



Probably she has already read them all and you don’t need to encourage her again. And if she hasn’t, please spare her the torture.


3) Â Â Cleaning Product

Even if they come in her favorite refreshing citrus scent — it’s just rude to tell her that her room is a mess.


4)Â Â Â Â Â Hair Dye

Women lie about their age all the time. You don’t need to show her that you see through her façade and tell her that she needs a touch up.


5)  Recipe of your mom’s cooking

Sometimes you have to bear a lot in love from the urge to throw up to food poisoning. Just don’t tell that her cooking is the worst.


6) Lingerie

You might as well say, “Hey, your underwear isn’t sexy enough for me.” Plus, when you buy something that’s three sizes too small your girlfriend will say you think she’s fat.


7)Â Rubber band stress ball

Using the company supplies room for a gift! We know you are cheap but she doesn’t have to know.


8) Â A framed photo of you shirtless

Everyone knows that your girlfriend likes you but that is in spite of your body. What made you think you can compete with the Taylor Lautner on her wall?


9) Books for Dummies

She is not the sharpest tool in the shed and education cannot reform that. Moreover you don’t want to insult her (lower) intelligence.


10)Â Gift Certificate For A Wax

We all know we are evolved apes but it’s none of your business to remind her to remove body hair however much they might gross you out.































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