The other side of Valentine

Other side of valentineOn one side is the usual prevalent Valentine, people are falling in love and creating romantic memories one on top of another. But then there is that dark side where one fails to even have one romantic moment. There are no roses but only rosy cheeks. The fresh new pressure of finding a date awakens with new adrenaline when we get our yearly Valentine mashup on TVs.

We call them a variety of things, people who will go to any length to be your date. Although we know they have tried in every possible ways that include tinder, blank calling, and then slamming others with pickup lines- “ma’am, you must be tired because you have been running on my mind since yesterday”. Yes, we all come across such people and sometimes WE are these people.

Seeing a couple in love does funny things inside us; we have an overwhelming urge to attain such a love that we resort to certain deeds that others might find creepy. And since Facebook gained popularity, we have found a new way to reach out to our “soul-mates”, the girl who you think smiled at you or the guy at the gym who you think was checking you out instantly receives a friend request from you.

And as the sword of Valentine’s dangles more and more close to our head, we become desperate to find a date. A girl passes and it becomes our duty to see if she could be the one! And when we think we have found them, we will barge them with calls, friend requests and even anonymous chocolates! We can try to bulldoze our way into someone’s life but the way to their heart still remains a mystery that is waiting to be resolved for many Romeos.

But alas, love never arrives when we want it to arrive.

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