Valentine Gifts – Win Your Loved Ones Heart

Regular_V1_DV (2)Send valentines gifts from Ferns N Petals without stirring from your cozy bedroom. Ferns N Petals offers a superb same day delivery in India for Valentine’s Day.

Ferns n Petals has gifts for rose day, propose day, teddy day, chocolate day, hug day, kiss day and Valentine’s Day.

Love gifts, gifts for him and her, cakes, flowers, personalized gifts chocolates, romantic gifts, and soft toys swell the categories for Valentine’s Day gifts.

The Mr. and Mrs. frame is most unusual. A lasting gift for an everlasting love! Adorn your house and brighten up the day of your loved one with the beautiful frame. It’s eye catching and speaks of your love.

The Ishq cushion is intimate and comforting. Love is but a feeling we don’t have any control on. The beauty of it is just gets more beautiful with time. Gift your someone special the ultimately romantic cushion.

The heart candles will illuminate your loved one’s world. Here is a candle of love for the one who illuminates your life. Plan the special evening, light up the candles and transport the love of your life to the world of romance. As they are lit they shine and glimmer giving a warm glow.

The love heart scarf is the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day. A stunning scarf for a loved one! Stylish scarf is based on a simple yet elegant heart print design. She can wear it with any dress and make a gorgeous statement.

Lucky bamboo in green vase is a good fortune gift for her. A great way to wish health and prosperity! Lucky bamboo plant will bring happiness in any room. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed and kept for a long time.

Valentine’s treats makes an ideal gift for him. Love is best expressed with a loving hug or a gentle caress. Set the mood right with a timeless romantic gift. This Valentine’s day, give extra care and affection to your beloved. Celebrate years of your blissful love with beautiful valentine treats. These gifts when sent in the classy bag will pamper him and warm his heart.

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