Wanderlust Revamped!

For travelistas who crave wandering into frondescence, the following list is the definite go-to! With sprawling blooms and lush greenery, these beautiful gardens of India will make your heart bloom with desire to take a glimpse.

  1. Brindavan gardens, Karnataka

Located in the beautiful state of Karnataka, Brindavan gardens is one of the main attractions offered by this southern state of India. Visited by around two million tourists every year, the greenery and lush flowers is the attracting force. The garden is laid in three terraces which include perennials, trees, small shrubs and many other green variety. Garden also boasts of a musical fountain which becomes active in late evening.

brindavan garden

2. Â Hanging garden, Mumbai

Also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens, hanging garden is located in the heart of the Bollywood. The main attraction are the animal shaped hedges and of course the sprawling green fields. Built on a water reservoir, hanging garden, also has a favourite of the children. A “boot house” made completely of stone is the driving force behind the children squealing their way into the garden.

hanging garden

3. Â Government botanical garden, Ooty

Sprawling greenery and colorful blooms are the magnets that attract tourists from all over India. With beautiful and redolent blooms, government botanical garden, also boasts of Flower show that happens once a year for two days. Attracting tourists from all over the world, the flower show, has been preaching the importance of flora with cheer.

botanical garden ooty

4. Â Mughal garden, New Delhi

Situated in the lively capital of India, Mughal garden, is located in the RasthrapatiBhavan. Constructed in the Persian and English style, Mughal garden is open only in the months of February- March for the public. All the presidents have had a keen interest in the Mughal gardens and have added their own style into it. From lush rose flowers to velvety foliage, Mughal garden is a site to see.

mughal garden

5. Â Jawaharlal Nehru botanical garden, Srinagar

Built in the loving memory of India’s first prime minister, this garden contains many varieties of oaks, blooms and Kashmiri tropical plants. It also boasts of a pure natural spring and Japanese bridges over the rippling water streams. With the backdrop of thick pine trees, the beauty of botanical garden is never-ending.

botanical garden srinagar

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and discover these beautiful gardens of aesthetic elegance!

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